The Fruits of Your Labor

Andrew Tobin

$ 12.99

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Page Count: 72
Trim Size: 6 x 6
Page Count: 72
ISBN: 9781576879078

The Fruits of Your Labor is a board book that explores the size progression of a baby in the womb in relation to a fruit or vegetable.

Beginning at the size of a sweet pea and growing to the size of watermelon, each week of pregnancy is documented as a watercolor painting next to a fun, and also true fact about that specific fruit or vegetable, mixed with a playful quip. With its endearing illustrations and droll humor, The Fruits of Your Labor makes a perfect gift for both new babies and expectant mothers.

Andrew Tobin is a Creative Director currently living in Brooklyn with his wife Erika and their daughter Charlie. While not working, parenting, or laughing at Corgis he sees on the street, Andrew enjoys recounting the ways in which smartphones and social media are destroying the moral fabric of our society. He also likes to cook, paint, read, take photos, and check social media on his smartphone.

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