The Big Wig Parade

Bryan Ballinger

$ 18.99

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Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 11 x 8.5
Page Count: 32
ISBN: 9781648230257

The Big Wig Parade is a hilarious story about forest animals preparing to enter a contest to see who has the biggest wig. The only problem is, no one is prepared and the parade is tomorrow. Will the big day be ruined, or will their pungent friend, Peltie, save the day? With laugh-out-loud words and illustrations, The Big Wig Parade will be celebration for young readers.

The Big Wig Parade is written and illustrated by Bryan Ballinger, known for his quirky scratch and sniff book, Animal Gas. It follows the drama between a collection of forest friends who are panicking over the upcoming Big Wig Parade. The animal with the biggest wig gets to be Grand Marshall! Naturally, they try a lot of different options, including wearing a skunk and a clod of dirt, but Peltie, their least favorite friend, has the answer. Peltie might stink, and he might shed too much, but he has a brilliant idea that might make everyone a winner.

This laugh-out-loud romp is sure to make young readers giggle. The illustrations are vibrant, wacky, and colorful. The Big Wig Parade will have your young readers marching through the house and begging for more.