Waiting at Woy Woy

Robin George
Illustrated by Emily Snape

$ 18.99

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Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 11 x 8.5
Page Count: 32
ISBN: 9781648230189

In a small town, next to a lake called Woy Woy, the locals are nearly frozen in time waiting for something to happen in their lives. Some wait for the lake to be stocked with fish, others are waiting for a chess partner, and still others wait for a glimpse of the person they love.

All this waiting keeps life slow and dull at Woy Woy, and the only thing that brings anyone joy is a small, piano-playing mouse named Reggie. It seems as if life will continue to be one long line, when a sudden storm floods the town and poor Reggie is washed away. Locked into complacency, everyone waits for someone else to do something. It’s only the courage of a local dog who snaps out of waiting and leaps into action. He saves the town’s most talented rodent, teaching a valuable lesson to everyone about letting life pass you by, waiting for others to make decisions for you, and treasuring every moment.

Told in playful rhymes and illustrated in soft, friendly watercolors, Waiting at Woy Woy will encourage little ones and their parents to seize the day.