U is for Underwear

Jesse Levison

$ 12.99

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Page Count: 26
Trim Size: 8 x 8
Page Count: 26
ISBN: 9781576879887

Jesse Levison’s 2014 hit board book U is for Underwear returns, bigger and bolder than before now at a chunky, grabbable 8×8, sized to match her forthcoming title I Could Eat You Up (spring 2021)!

Artist and printmaker Jesse Levison brings style to the alphabet in U is for Underwear. Toddlers will keep turning the pages of this chunky board book featuring simple, vibrant, and graphic illustrations. Imbuing everyday objects with a sense of wonder, the bold artwork makes a perfect introduction to the ABCs for young pre-readers who can trace the letters with a finger and begin to understand the symbolic representation that underlies reading and writing.

Parents can begin to develop literacy in even very young children by exposing them to the letters of the alphabet, making U is for Underwear a fun and easy tool for imprinting little brains. Pleasing to the eye for both kids and adults, Jesse’s retro sensibility and witty simplicity makes this a potential cross-over title for their little learners-or at least a great gift for style-conscious parents.

Jesse Levison, born and raised in Miami, has been a printmaker for 15 years. She is influenced by the bold colors and tropical landscapes of her native South Florida while also drawing inspiration from winters spent in Brooklyn, where she lived for nine years, and the vibrancy of her current hometown of Los Angeles. Her cards, jewelry and objects bring a renewed sense of wonder and recognition to the everyday.

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