Author and Illustrator of I AM TODAY featured on Maria Marshall’s Picture Book Buzz!

Matt, what was the inspiration for I Am Today?
MATT: Back in late summer 2020, I decided I wanted to write something to help empower kids during the pandemic; so many, including my own, felt they had no control over what was happening. School was at home, play dates were via computer, vacations were halted. It occurred to me: kids are always being told they are “the Future” – but what if a child doesn’t want to wait, to make a difference?

Patricia, what about the I Am Today manuscript appealed to you as an illustrator?
PATRICIA: When I read it for the first time I saw a chance to go in so many directions! I spent a few days thinking about the narrative, and it felt so good that it was up to me to decide everything. I was trusted with an amazing story by an author that didn’t even know me but believed in my work! I saw that I Am Today had the potential to tell kids how important they are and I wanted to be part of it.

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