Almost An Animal Alphabet

Katie Viggers

$ 19.95

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ISBN: 9781576876435

Children / Animal Studies / 3-7 years
8.75 x 8.75 inches
56 pages

Available September 2013

For fans of Bruno Munari’s Zoo and Andrew Zuckerman’s Creature ABC, Almost an Animal Alphabet is a quirky combination of alphabet and (almost) animal book, introducing young children to the letters of the alphabet via a collection of appealingly drawn critters. With a gently humorous sensibility and a unique illustrative style, Almost an Animal Alphabet is a perfect choice for pre-readers who love animals.

• Why is it called Almost An Animal Alphabet? There are actually 21 animals, 1 extinct animal, 3 non-animals (for N, U, and X), and 1 imaginary animal (for Y-can you guess? It’s a yeti.)

• Alphabet books are perennial sellers, popular with parents and as gifts-this one is distinguished by its simple, elegant style and the quirky emotional appeal of the animals

• Katie’s art has a textural quality and an artisanal feeling that is enhanced by the matte paper-over-board cover of Almost an Animal Alphabet, making this a great gift for design-obsessed parents and possibly cross-over to non-parents who like the art

Katie Viggers is an artist whose work combines mono printing with digital enhancing. After receiving her MA in Fine Art, she founded eightbear, Ltd., a design company that produces stationery, prints, mugs, and other products sold throughout the UK. Katie’s twin passions for animals and mono printing continue to inform her distinctive style. for She lives in Nottingham, England.


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