Hot Dog, Cold Dog

Frann Preston-Gannon

$ 12.95

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ISBN: 9781576876794

Children / Picture Book / Opposites / 3-7 years
9 x 9 inches
20 pages

Available April 2014

Vibrant, collage-like illustrations paired with simple rhyming text show off the comically lovable proportions of the dachshund with its short legs and long bodies, spirited nature, and cheerful temperament. Hot Dog, Cold Dog reveals an adorable array of wiener dog looks, showing kids the fun times these little pups have as they visit the beach, cavort in the snow, dig in the garden, jump to the ceiling, and even ride a skateboard—all the while giving a lesson in opposites.

From award-winning author/illustrator Frann Preston-Gannon comes this celebration of dachshunds in all their variety—perfect for dog-lovers of every age!


Frann Preston-Gannon is a UK-based illustrator and author. Her varied clients have included The Sunday Times and Burt’s Bees. Her first book, The Journey Home, was published in October 2011 and has so far been shortlisted for four separate book awards including the Waterstone’s Children’s Prize. She has two other titles currently published in the UK, Dinosaur Farm and How to Lose a Lemur, which are to be published by Sterling in the US. She was the UK’s first-ever Sendak Fellowship recipient, which sent her to work in residence with Maurice Sendak on his estate in Connecticut before his death in 2012.

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