Who Did It?

Ohara Hale

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ISBN: 9781576876817

Children / Picture Book / Bodily Functions / 2-5 years
Box set
6 x 6 inches
50 pages

Available July 2014

In the tradition of the classic Everyone Poops, a collection of silly illustrated board books in which animals and insects demonstrate bodily noises and functions to help young kids understand and deal with them in a healthy, courteous, and appropriate way.


Sneezing, burping, farting, pooing, and peeing: basic functions that elicit all kinds of reactions from kids, ranging from hilarity to creativity to withholding—and a variety of reactions from adults, from reluctant amusement to disgust to total parental meltdown. The key to teaching the whole family how to handle these events in a positive way is to be able to talk about them. Ohara’s whimsical approach teaches kids 3 simple lessons—what these bodily functions are, why they shouldn’t cause undue embarrassment, and how to politely and considerately deal with them.

  • Who Sneezed? covers nasal mucus, nose-picking, and good nostril and hand hygiene
  • Who Burped? reveals the source of these noxious emanations, and explains how to apologize politely
  • Who Farted? gives the lowdown on gaseous releases, and the right way to handle them in public
  • Who Peed? offers advice on peeing in the right place
  • Who Pooped? provides a primer on performing on the potty

Ohara Hale is a Montreal-based artist. She draws, sings, writes, and loves to make: books, music, comics, gig-posters, faces, jokes, new friends, trips to bookstores, and crazy adventures. Ohara is the author of L’ABC de Monsieur Pizza, Moderne Luv, and Pizza Doing Stuff. Her work can be found all over the Internet, and in galleries and bookstores all over the world. Visit her at: www.OharaHale.com