Bodega Cat

Louie Chin

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Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 10-1/2 x 10-1/2
Page Count: 32
ISBN: 9781576879320

Bodega is a Spanish word for “grocery store,” but they are so much more than that. Bodegas are often a community cornerstone, a welcoming neighborhood haven, and in New York, an emblem of the city’s cultural diversity. And who knows these treasured institutions better than the cats who run them? (Or at least they think they do!)

In Bodega Cat, a cat named Chip takes us through his bustling workday at the Matos family’s Bodega: from receiving boxes in the morning and the breakfast rush, through inventory-counting and making deliveries, to dinnertime with his family when Chip’s human-Papi cooks up some of the best Dominican food in the borough for their friends and neighbors. There is no rest for this busy kitty…except for when it’s time to chase pigeons with his human-brother Damian, or take the occasional nap on bags of potato chips.

A slice of city life, celebrating the people who give New York its heart.

Bodega Cat is an ode to New York’s iconic feline friends, and the communities they call home.

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