There Are No Animals in This Book (Only Feelings)

Chani Sanchez

$ 17.95

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ISBN: 9781576876442

Children / Fine Art / 3-7 years
10 x 9 inches
40 pages

Available October 2014

Masterworks of contemporary art teach kids about feelings and how they can be expressed in art.

The bold work of iconic contemporary artists, including Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, and Alex Katz, is totally accessible to small children (perhaps moreso than to adults) and in this gorgeous, ground-breaking picture book, these works of art speak to children about emotions.

Children will recognize love, surprise, hurt, and other powerful feelings in these images, which accompany a fun-to-read aloud narrative with a silly twist at the end that is sure to delight younger readers.

Parents can enjoy the art as well as the opportunity to engage their children in a light-hearted discussion of emotions and how they affect us–the beginning of emotional intelligence.

“Helping children do the important work of learning to name their feelings, while distracted by awe-inspiring visuals from top-tier contemporary artists including Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Damien Hirst, and more.” –Beata Bliss Lewis, M.D., Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NYU

“Chani Sanchez has written a beautiful book combining the basic feelings of happy, sad, surprised, angry, and lonely with magical pieces of art to make these feelings come alive. There Are NO Animals in This Book (Only Feelings) is a funny and entertaining way to look at art. Kids will love it and so will parents” –Julie Appel, author of the Touch the Art series

“Inventive and fun!” –Rupert Everett, actor and art collector

“I can’t think of a better idea than matching contemporary artworks with a children’s story. Anything that makes children look and think about art as well as encouraging learning must be applauded, especially when it’s done in a manner which is both fun and instructive.” –James Stourton, former Chairman of Sotheby’s UK, and author of Great Collectors of Our Time: Art Collecting Since 1945

Chani Sanchez is the founder of the Museum of Amazing Art, which curates contemporary art and culture for children and their families. After the birth of her daughter Nika, and following several years in a career that involved buying and archiving art for an influential art collector, Chani began using fine art to create educational experiences for kids. Her goal has been to help children develop a language for their feelings and emotions, the beginnings of emotional intelligence. To learn more about Chani, visit her at

Tina Rivers graduated from Harvard University and is completing her doctorate in art history at Columbia University, where she specializes in modern and contemporary art and visual culture. She has taught courses on contemporary art at Columbia University, the Pratt Institute, and the Museum of Modern Art, and also regularly lectures on art to public audiences.


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