Steampunk City

Manuel Sumberac

$ 16.95

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ISBN: 9781576877036

Children / Steampunk / 7-10 years
9 x 9 inches
56 pages

Available November 2014

An alphabetical journey through a richly colorful and detailed steampunk world, perfect for geeky parents to introduce the alphabet to young readers.

Steampunk, with its odd but irresistible combination of Victorian-era style and futuristic sensibility, comes to children’s books with this alphabet. Lushly textured paintings and rhyming text illustrate each letter of the alphabet, inviting the reader on a voyage through a quirky steampunk fantasy world, where things are not quite what one might expect. Kids will love the imaginative depictions of the machines and objects that exemplify each letter, while older steampunk fans (from tweens to parents) will enjoy poring over these gorgeous retro-futuristic illlustrations–and you will find no simpering A is for Apple in this world.

Manuel Sumberac is an animator and illustrator whose films and music videos have won numerous awards. Manuel has illustrated several picture books, including Steampunk Poe and Steampunk Frankenstein (Running Press.) He lives in Zagreb, Croatia.

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