Big Whoop!

Maxine Lee

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ISBN: 9781576876831

Children / Picture Book / Emotions / 6-9 years
9 x 10 inches
32 pages

Available July 2014

Mr. Fox is bored, and he refuses to be impressed—his response to every attempt to attract his attention? “Big whoop.” His friends say “it’s not healthy,” and go to ever more extreme lengths to get a smile from him in this silly story sure to appeal to fans of Oliver Jeffers.

Whimsical, brightly colored, detailed illustrations draw readers into this witty tale about the efforts of a squirrel and a rabbit to amuse their eternally underwhelmed, chronically bored pal, Mr. Fox. Driven to absurdly imaginative feats, including walking to the moon on stilts made of cheese and reading 653 books in 27 minutes, they remain “confuzzled” as Mr. Fox responds with never a smile, only the phrase “Big whoop.” Will this determined twosome succeed in eliciting a laugh from the frustratingly taciturn fox? Kids will crack up at the increasingly silly lengths the friends go to, while relating to the stubborn, sly resistance of Mr. Fox.

Maxine Lee was born in Liverpool, Merseyside, where she still lives with her partner and their two boys. She taught a range of creative subjects before taking a step back to concentrate on her career as an author/illustrator. Her debut children’s book, Pi-Rat was published in August 2013 by Caterpillar Books in the U.K.

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