NEWS: Touch base with Matt Forrest Esenwine as the I AM TODAY Blog Tour continues!

In other news…the I Am Today blog tour continues rolling along! Yesterday my good friend Maria Marshall posted an interview she did with both me and illustrator Patricia Pessoa at her blog, the Picture Book Buzz. It was fun being able to be part of an interview with both of us, and learning a little about each other (we both want kids to feel like they have a voice, we both love raspberry jam, and we’re both cat people!)Click here to read his update! Read More

NEWS: Marianne Knowles of Writer’s Rumpus interviews Matt Forrest Esenwine, author of I AM TODAY

“There wasn’t a particular child who inspired me, although I would say that raising two kids during the pandemic certainly helped! I wrote the manuscript in late summer/early fall of last year, in the middle of all the chaos, and I was wondering how to help my children feel like they had some control of their life. I mean, really, even we adults felt like we had no control – so imagine how difficult it was for kids to deal with.”Click here to read their full interview. Read More

NEWS: Vivian Kirkfield and Matt Forrest Esenwine speak about creative inspiration and writing for children’s books as a part of the I AM TODAY blog tour!

“I try to impress upon students that if they like writing, if they enjoy telling stories, if they can’t stop doodling or drawing pictures…those are all worthwhile pursuits! Whether it’s writing children’s books or website pages or owner’s manuals or movie scripts (or radio commercials, like I did when I was in broadcasting), writing can be an actual career. Art can be an actual career. Creativity, in all its many forms and configurations, can be an actual career!”Click here to read the rest of their interview. Read More

NEWS: Matt Forrest Esenwine and Beyond LiteracyLink discuss the meaning and themes of I AM TODAY

“Matt, the message in your book will to both children and adults. It brings to mind that every child is unique and has a VOICE… The book offers so many possibilities for children to explore. Perhaps, they will reach beyond their surroundings to offer new solutions for environmental issues, or become leaders, service providers, or on a more personal level speak on issues dealing with kindness, friendship, and sharing.”Click here to read their conversation and hear what Carol’s granddaughter thought of the story! Read More

NEWS: Matt Forrest Esenwine, author of I AM TODAY on Picture Book Spotlight!

Readers, especially young people, enjoying it and relating to it. Like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t want this to be a “message” book that was heavy on didacticism and light on plot; I wanted a book that was enjoyable to read with a story that was compelling. And I think Patricia Pessoa really stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park, as they say in baseball! She took my ‘story skeleton’ and ran with it and helped us create a book that really is greater than the sum of its parts. Click here to hear more… Read More

NEWS: Listen as Matt Forrest Esenwine, Brenna Jeanneret, and Josh Monken talk Children’s Lit on You May Contribute a Verse!

I never realized that all this short form writing was preparation for writing Children’s Lit! That’s what picture books and children’s poetry is all about. All of this experience I’ve had, writing poems, songs, and all these commercials – all of it has led up to this Children’s Lit career. So I’m really enjoying the boundless creativity I can have with this.Click here to listen to the rest of their conversation. Read More

NEWS: Unleashing Readers features Matt Forrest Esenwine, author of I AM TODAY!

“I made a concerted effort to come up with a non-grammatical title. A strange way to begin the writing process, but I thought a non-grammatical title might not only be poetic and thought-provoking but would certainly catch attention sitting on a bookshelf! As I thought about it, the phrase “I am today” eventually popped into my head, and I loved it! Kids are always being told they are “the Future” – but what if a child doesn’t want to wait, to make a difference? The concept for my next picture book was born.” Click here to read the full post! Read More

NEWS: Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez Hosts Matt Forrest Esenwine for I Am Today Cover Reveal & Giveaway

“Kaitlyn: Wow! What a beautiful cover! Can you share what you love most about this cover? Matt:  I have to say, I loved the idea of water flowing – it’s such a universal symbol of life, of change, of time – and it fits beautifully with the narrative that Patricia creates, using my text as a foundation. As a beach-lover myself, the setting couldn’t be more perfect.” Read the rest of the interview here. Read More

BOOK: I Am Today

A young girl realizes that she doesn’t have to wait until she’s grown-up to stand up for what is right and make a big impact. While playing on the beach in her coastal town, a young girl comes across a sea turtle ensnared by a wire. Her town is home to a factory that has provided jobs for many of her neighbors, including her mother, but it has also been dumping garbage from a pipe into the waters, threatening the creatures that live in them. Children are used to being asked what they’ll do and be when they grow up,… Read More

NEWS: Author and Illustrator of I AM TODAY featured on Maria Marshall’s Picture Book Buzz!

Matt, what was the inspiration for I Am Today? MATT: Back in late summer 2020, I decided I wanted to write something to help empower kids during the pandemic; so many, including my own, felt they had no control over what was happening. School was at home, play dates were via computer, vacations were halted. It occurred to me: kids are always being told they are “the Future” – but what if a child doesn’t want to wait, to make a difference? Patricia, what about the I Am Today manuscript appealed to you as an illustrator?PATRICIA: When I read it… Read More

NEWS: Get excited! The I AM TODAY Blog Tour has begun!

Get excited to hear all about POW’s upcoming book: I AM TODAY! Visit Unleashing Readers, Matt Forrest’s Blog, and Picture Book Spotlight to read the live reviews today! Be sure to visit Celebrate Picture Books, Beyond LiteracyLink, Vivian Kirkfield, Writer’s Rumpus, Maria Marshall, Future Bookworms, and The Momma Spot this December to hear their thoughts! Read More

BOOK: Don’t Ask a Dinosaur

Don’t Ask a Dinosaur is about a party that goes wildly awry when a pack of dinosaurs with very unique physical attributes attempt to help set up. Written in a masterfully-executed rhyme, the book presents a cavalcade of lesser-known dinos and pairs their odd characteristics with little tasks that are hilariously impossible because of those features. “Don’t ask Deinocheirus to set the forks and spoons,” because his hands were enormous, “Therizinosaurus cannot blow up balloons,” because he had very long claws. In the end they find the one thing everyone can help do is to blow out the candles on the… Read More